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What is an Inner Essence Journey?

An Inner Essence Journey accesses your own inner guidance.  I consider it a privilege when I am invited to assist you  in your journey.  My commitment is to hold, support and guide you through this process as you reconnect with the sacred flow of life. 

This is an inner process that heals from the inside out by going deeper inside to allow YOUR EXPRESSION to be revealed - be it fear, anger, excitement, love, joy, passion.  Once YOUR EXPRESSION has been acknowledged , healing begins.

I am the fire of the earth,

Resting in a deep pool of the living waters.

I am the strength of the oak tree.

Trusting essence flows through my branches,

Resting a fly with purple wings.

I am the song and the spirit of the eagle,

Resting and soaring in radiant aliveness.

                                 - Betty Kellenberger

Connecting with essence

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