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Biological Decoding

The science behind Biological Decoding is based on biological laws where any disease in the body is created by the subconscious when a body/mind conflict arises.  When conflicts can not be solved in a rational or emotional way, they create stress.  Although stress is normal, when there is too much stress for the body to handle, the brain finds a way to relieve the stress through other means.  This reaction by the brain is the beginning of creating disease (dis-ease).


The objective of sessions in biological decoding is to get to the root of the circumstances and emotional situation or stress that initially caused the conflict and to begin a process of healing the emotional state, thereby also healing the body. Through identifying the hidden conflicts that resulted in ailments in the body and understanding how they came about, a  release of emotions can occur and a sense of new-found control of your life may take place, leading to a healthier state of being.

"Standing in the Light"

by Francene Hart

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