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As a Body-Centered Therapist, I specialize in Whole-Body learning through Breath and Movement.  The body remembers and can free up energy for more aliveness. You can find your passion for being "really alive".

As human beings, we exhibit a "fixed muscular pattern".  This determines, in part, how we relate to ourselves and to others.  Blocking feelings of any nature can have a crippling effect on us and may result in holding stress or tension in our bodies.  When we suppress emotions, we often suppress breathing.  As a Body-Centered Therapist, I help you activate your presence by freeing emotions, accessing stuck energy, freeing tension and opening the organic flow of energy in your body.

My greatest contribution is calling forth your radiant aliveness and facilitating your quest for expressing your essence in the world.  I have a passion for opening hearts.  I have a gentle approach and I work with your breath gently to awaken your energy.  The atmosphere of my sessions is comfortable and alive with sound, movement, music and process.  I want to help clients find a comfortable place within their bodies so that they can experience more inner ease and flow.  I also want to help them to find essence and expand into their full potential.

I will guide you to connect with your breath and presence within your body to attend your own inner sensations.  This is what you will access and explore:

Body-Centered Therapy

your own inner genius

your passion

your essence

your creativity

your power

your voice

When you discover how your breath can liberate your energy, you will naturally find yourself living your life more fully. 

your emotions

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