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I am a certified Marriage and Family Therapist who integrates many modalities of healing in order to assist you in finding your true core of essence, purpose, contribution, creativity, aliveness and joy.

This deep inner core can be accessed through techniques in breathing, body-centered therapy, E.M.D.R., sound and movement, Bioenergetics, Biological Decoding and other holistic therapies. I am committed to guiding you to accept feelings, truth and energy, as well as journeying to the core of your very being.

Tapping into your inner essence

There is an essence within all of us that wants to bring us into our highest self, our greatest potential.  We are a system of energy.  Energy, by it's very nature, wants to move, create, flow, dance and celebrate.  There are many techniques and practices that can raise our frequency and help us connect with our inner essence.

Therapies Offered

  • Body-Centered Therapy:  Certified through Hendricks Institute (, a therapy that helps you meet the fear that can drain your aliveness and make you feel stuck in many ways.  Through breath and other techniques, you can learn to stay connected to self and others, and be present, breathe deeply and speak you truth.

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocess):  A certified process that uses guided eye movements to unlock the nervous system and allow your brain to process the traumatic experience and neutralize your response to it.  EMDR helps to assess and release your past conditioning from childhood traumas and your environment that have created fear and limitation.

  • Conscious Breathing:  Breathing techniques that brings your awareness to center with pause and presence.

  • Conscious Relationships:  Creating conscious relationships takes commitment to yourself and each other.

  • Biological Decoding: Certified through Enrique Bouron, a process that gets to the root cause of illness, disease and trauma and clears psycho-emotional blocks.

  • Sound and Movement:  Using sound and movement alone or with other therapies enhances healing and raises the level of consciousness in daily living by activating your body awareness.  As you shift into a different vibration, your consciousness changes.

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